Home-Wod 14 – 04.04.2020

? Warm up 3 Rounds for quality

5/5 lunges + open inside

10 plank to push up

5/5 lunges + open outside

30″ deep goblet squat hold


10 squats

9 db snatches right – 22,5/15kg

10 push ups

9 db snatches left – 22,5/15kg

?Cooldown – 3 rounds for quality

5/5 lunges + open inside

10 frog bridge (+weight)

5/5 lunges + open outside

30″ handstand hold

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Workout 1 has been released. Everyone is invited to participate with whatever gear you have available. Read the scorecard on the Games site for a list of creative equipment solutions.

Scores are due April 24 at noon. Make as many attempts as you’d like. For tips and technical instruction, visit the vast repository of educational material freely available on CrossFit.com. Additional training instruction is also published regularly on the CrossFit Training Instagram.

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